Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who is a Medipreneur?

Who a medipreneur is-

A medipreneur is a medic or paramedic who is medically enterprising.


A medipreneur is one who understands and appreciates the workings of the economy (both national and global), the structure of the financial sector, the stock market, the investment and business climate and, of course, the prevailing business opportunities in ICT, the inclinations of the political atmosphere, and the direction of the government policies.


A medipreneur is one whose financial intelligence provokes his/her mind to break away from the rituals and rigidity of the medical practice and makes him or her seek financial freedom outside the medical sector while still maintaining an impeccable medical career.

A medipreneur is one who appreciates the rudiments of medical economics and is able to identify and harness its benefits to his/her legally and morally profitable interest.

A medipreneur is a medic who is able to organize and profitably manage the talents and intellectual resources of others medics not just for self or collective interest but for the betterment and promotion of the health sector and mankind in general.

A medipreneur is one whose private or general practice is profitably optimized and fulfilling.

A medipreneur is one who recognizes the developmental needs of the health sector and seeks investment windows and avenues of developing and enhancing the health sector by plowing in funds and resources from other sectors of the economy.

A medipreneur is one who knows the partnership venture that works and knows when and how to pool resources together with counterparts or colleagues to achieve a collective goal for all participants to benefit and profit from.

Who a medipreneur is not-

A medipreneur is not one who depends solely on his average monthly salary or take-home check.

A medipreneur is not one who lives on the blood of his patients or clients by charging outrageous or ethically offensive fees.

A medipreneur is not one whose medical practice is steeped in illegalities or unethical endeavors so as to be above board or maintain the lifestyle he/she desires.

A medipreneur is not one who pursues profitable interests or undue advantages at the detriment of his/her patients or clients.

A medipreneur is definitely not one whose medical career or practice lacks vision, purpose and the sophistication that comes with professional management and the awareness of investment opportunities and how to take advantage of them.

A medipreneur is not necessarily one that has a prior degree in economics or business administration or an MBA but the medic or paramedic that possesses the hunger, drive and passion to find or create more financial opportunities and coverage for self and others outside the regular average medical take-home pay.

And a medipreneur is definitely not one who would allow his/her risk-taking tendencies or enterprise or business experimentations compromise or endanger his/her medical license.

Becoming a medipreneur

Becoming a medipreneur has little or nothing to do with parental genetic pool or pedigree. While it may be congenital (in-born) but it is essentially acquired and developed.

Medipreneurship is a matter of interest and passion.

Medipreneurship is the mental pre-occupation and the physical manifestation of a medical mind that is financially inclined.

Medipreneurship is more than throwing a few ‘careless’ funds into the stock market or dabbling into a business venture without a clear direction of where the venture will be in both short term and long term.   

For the average medic (student or practitioner), medipreneurship may appear to be a deviation or worst still, a distraction from the normal. But a successful medipreneur will always be the envy of the other medics who live from paycheck to paycheck.

Please do stop by soon for more information on this novel concept in Medicine: Medipreneurship.

In subsequent postings I will dwell on the ‘Testimonies of practicing Medipreneurs, How and where to start, the Mindset of a Medipreneur, and Investment Opportunities and Potentials in the Health sector. Don’t miss a blog! Keep winning!

                                                            -Akpenyi Dennis.

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